Professor Keith Schwab joins h-bar

Prof. Keith Schwab, from  www.kschwabresearch.com

Prof. Keith Schwab, from www.kschwabresearch.com

We are delighted to announce that h-bar has a new partner.  Professor of Applied Physics, Keith Schwab of Caltech will be joining h-bar as a member of our consultancy team. Professor Schwab has a long and distinguished career in applied physics and quantum technology and his expertise will be invaluable to h-bar and our clients.

Professor Schwab received a BA in physics in 1990 from the University of Chicago and worked with Prof. Dick Packard at the University of California, Berkeley during his Ph.D, which was awarded in 1996.  After his Ph.D, Professor schwab spent the next four years at Caltech as the Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Post Doctral Scholar.  

In 2000, Prof. Schwab joined the National Security Agency forming one of the first research groups investigating the applications of active quantum effects in technological devices, working on quantum metrology, quantum nano-mechanics and superconducting qubits.  

After he left the NSA in 2006, Prof. Schwab joined the faculty of Cornell University and in 2009 accepted the position of Associate Professor of applied physics at Caltech, where he is now currently a full professor of applied physics. 

Prof. Schwab is considered one of the worlds best experimental quantum physicists and one of the pioneers of quantum technology.  He has published numerous experimental papers in the most prestigious international journals, has given over 50 invited talks at international conferences and workshops and has extensive experience in academia, government and industry.

We are delighted for Prof. Schwab to be joining h-bar and expect his knowledge and expertise to help us deliver exceptional service and advice to our clients. 

For more information, please visit Prof. Schwabs website.

- Simon Devitt and Jared Cole, Founders of h-bar: Quantum Consultants