meet the meQuanics is a weekly podcast that invites active researchers in quantum physics and quantum technology to discuss actual physical hardware, the global effort to construct a new technological industry and how research technology can move from the academic space into the private sector

Please join us each week via Soundcloud, iTunes and GooglePlay to keep up to date on the latest research.

Here are select interviews with the h-bar consultancy team about quantum technology development and the services we offer.

We have a series of three interviews from both of our founding partners addressing both the scope of h-bar and the fundamental issues related to a quantum technology industry.  Videos will be updated periodically with new and exciting topics.

Here we include various lectures and videos from our team on multiple topics in quantum information and quantum technology. These videos are freely available to be embedded and used from our YouTube channel.

Public documentation and reports will be added periodically.

 The first upload is the PhD theses of our two founders.